Urban Challenge is a 5k long obstacle race, which will put your shape and skills to test. There will be over 25 urban obstacles to overcome. The race goes through an amazing industrial Pragovka Art District, which is otherwise inaccessible for the public!

What kind of obstacles can I expect?

We won’t let you to crawl in the mud, however be sure that all muscles in your body will ache! Some of the obstacles will be annouced on our website prior to the race, but part of them will remain secret. Well, of course, it won’t be easy!

What does happen if I can’t get over some of the obstacles?

If you are 100% sure that you did everything to beat the obstacle, you may continue.

What is included in a starting package?

The starting package includes a multifunctional bandana, an Urban Challenge wristband, a bib number with an electronic chip, refreshments on the course and after the race and other little surprises from our partners. Each registered participant will receive a medal at the finish.

Can I enter the run as a team member?

That is up to you! Choose the option to register as a team during the registration process and follow the instructions. You need 4 team members to build a team and receive an entry fee discount.

What are the benefits of running as a team?

The team is always stronger! Moreover, the team receives an entry fee discount. This may be for example a great opportunity to awaken the team spirit in your company. Urban Challenge can be a great team-building event.

Is the race timed?

Yes, you will have an electronic chip, which will track your time. The winner will become “the king of URBAN CHALLENGE”. Though everyone who challenges him or herself is the winner!

How the time of the team will be counted?  

Times of three fastest members of the team will be summed up. The total time will be then compared to times of the other teams.

Are there different categories?

We want to play fair, so we created three different categories: individual man, individual woman and a team category. No individual runner may be also registered as a team member and only those registered in the “individual” category may compete in the individual category. It is impossible to win as an “individual” and run for a team at the same time.

Is the race safe?

All of the obstacles as well as the course are safe. If you follow instructions and use common sense you won’t get hurt. Each participant shall however submit a signed “revers” form before the race, accepting conditions of the race and acknowledging potential risks of participating in the race.

What is "waiver"?

Waiver is a declaration of legal liability for potential health hazards during the race. Participation in the race is not allowed without this document signed.

Is there any age limit?

Yes. You have to be at least 15 years old. In case the racer is under 18 years of age, written consent of a legal guardian is needed.

Is there a time cap for the run?

The goal is to finish the race and overcome the obstacles. There is no time limit to the race.

What does happen if the weather is bad?

Urban Challenge shall test your shape and skills. Bad weather won’t be considered as an excuse to do so!

Are there going to be change rooms and lockers?

Both change rooms and lockers will be available for free as a part of our service.

Are there going to be refreshment on the course?

For sure! Free refreshments will be provided along the course and after the race.

Can I register on the day of the race?

Unless the capacity of the race has been filled, you will be able to register at the meeting point. It will cost you a bit more than those racers, who booked their spot in advance.

I want to take kids to Urban Challenge with me. Can they race too?

Of course! Children under 6 years of age can try a FREE obstacle course. For kids from 6 to 10 years we prepared a 500 m long racing circuit. Children between 11 and 14 years may try to tackle our  1000 m track. Registration for children's races will start on January 18th, 2017.

Can I get the registration fee back?

Unfortunately, we can’t give you the registration fee back. However, you can come get your starting package or pass your registration to someone else, though you have to announce this to us at least 7 days before the race.

Can I invite my family and friends to watch the race?

Sure you can! Fans are allowed in for free. There will be an accompanying program for everyone to have fun even before and after the race.  

Is there no answer for your question?

If we haven’t answered your question yet, please send it to our email: 4gsyQOQm~9nxT65d7.AqVW7r and we will reply shortly. You can also share your question on our Facebook page.